October 15, 2009

Foam Stickers

I picked "Sports" as our October theme since it's football season, but I have been getting too distracted by Halloween and haven't done much with it, so I saw these foam stickers at Michael's the other day and bought them to come up with an idea later.  I made another matching activity since S caught onto the Halloween die cut one quickly. 

I also let him just stick them on paper (I gave him the odd colored ones).  We have used regular stickers in the past, but his tiny hands have a hard time with them, but the foam ones were perfect!  I peeled the backing partly away and let him finish it before he stuck it onto the paper.  It was great fine motor skill practice.  After I wrote his name and date, he wanted to write his "ABs". 

Any other foam sticker ideas out there for little ones (because I have a lot left over)?

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