October 18, 2009

CVS $0.53

It seems I went for things that were "good deals" this week as opposed to freebies and as a result used a lot of ECBs.  There is one thing in particular I wanted to share.  CVS has this new Green Bag Tag (bottom left in photo) that you can buy for $0.99.  You attach it to a shopping tote and get it scanned each visit.  You can earn 1 ECB for every four visits.  I figure once it has paid for itself in a few weeks, it's a great way to earn more ECBs and remind me to bring my own shopping bag. 

Coke 12 pk (x4)
4 for $13.00 and earned 3 ECBs

Cottonelle 12 roll toilet paper
- 2.00 (mailer)
= $3.99

Glade Fragrance Collection candle
- 3.50 (printable no longer available)
= $3.49 and earned 6.99 ECBs

CVS Green Bag Tag

Used 21 ECBs

Total OOP = $0.53 and earned $9.99 ECBs

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