October 25, 2009

Toy Library Finds

I think I've told you how much I love our toy library and our trip on Friday was no exception.  I ran across two things that were perfect for us right now.  The first is a "color kit."  It was perfect since we have been talking about the color orange.  My only complaint would be that all the objects were typically orange.  I know there are orange frogs and perhaps lobsters are orangey, but...?  Anyway, I thought the idea was a great one though to do at home.  Just collect a bunch of objects of one color and place them in a basket together.  This wonderful blog has been doing that and creating a photo book of the collections. 

My other find was this copy of Stellaluna that came with a bat puppet.  I am so glad I ran across it because I love this book and completely forgot about it while learning about bats and owls this past week.   

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