February 23, 2011


S likes stop signs, so we made one.  It has nothing to do with anything we're learning about right now, but he likes them and I thought of this after making our color wheel.

How to make an octagon:
1.  Using a straight edge, divide a paper plate into eight sections.
2.  Cut straight lines around the edge connecting each of the pencil lines you drew.
3.  You now have eight sides! 

We painted it red and used another paper plate to cut out our STOP letters.  This turned out to be a great simple activity because it involved painting, math skills (an octagon), letter recognition/reading the word "STOP", the color red, and he likes to put on his police hat and vest and "direct traffic" with it. 

February 22, 2011

Color Wheel

Here's an activity I did with S a long time ago and we repeated again this week since he was recently enjoying the below books so much. 

To make the color wheel, I just divided a paper plate into six sections and then we painted in the primary colors (red, yellow, blue), leaving an empty section between each one.  We then went back and mixed two colors to discover the secondary color (orange, green, purple) that was made and painted the section in between.

On a money saving/space saving note, I only buy bottles of red, yellow and blue paint since they can easily be mixed to make other colors.  

February 7, 2011

FREE Tag Junior or Tag Book

This is a deal that has been offered before, but I thought I'd pass it on because we now have both copies.  Leapfrog is offering a free Tag Junior (ABC Animal Orchestra) or Tag (Ozzie and Mack) book when you link your Leapfrog toy (You probably own one and you may not even know it!) on their Learning Path site.

Even if you do not own a Tag Junior or Tag, the books can still be read as regular books.  I haven't gotten a chance to read the Ozzie and Mack book, but I really like the Animal Orchestra book.  It makes a great alphabet board book even without the Tag Junior.

February 3, 2011

Mini Alphabet Books

S loves these printable mini alphabet books from DLTK.  They aren't very printer/paper/ink friendly, but he has really enjoyed them so I'll continue to print one each week.  There's so much more on this site you can check out as well!

February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!


It's probably too late for you to try this now, but you may want to file away the idea for next year...we followed these directions to make a groundhog puppet.

You can sing the rhyme to I'm a Little Teapot, but I was too embarrassed to sing on the blog!

I see a little groundhog, furry and brown,
He's popping up to look around.
If he sees his shadow, down he'll go.
Six more weeks of winter - oh, no!

50 Free Prints (pay for shipping)

Snapfish and Fancy Feast are giving away 50 free prints to the first 200,000 people.  Enter your email address here and you will receive a special code.  It will then direct you to login to Snapfish and enter your code to add the credit to your account.  You can view your 50 free prints credit if you go to your "account" at the top.  Mine says they expire at the end of August. 

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!