September 18, 2009


When S turned a year old, I began choosing a theme each month so that my choices at the library and toy library were more focused.  I also pull toys, figurines, puzzles, stickers, books, magazine photos, etc. from around the house (and my mom's house) that are related to the theme.  Here are the themes I have used so far:
  • May:  Farm 
  • June:  Ocean
  • July: Transportation
  • August:  Jungle/Zoo
  • September:  Fruits and Vegetables
Here are some I have planned, but may change:
  • October:  Sports
  • November:  Weather/Seasons
  • December:  Insects/Bugs
  • January:  Pets
  • February:  Feelings
  • March:  Jobs
  • April:  Forest Friends
As he gets older, I would like for the themes to become more focused around literature or culture.  For now, I tried to pick themes that I felt developed his vocabulary (i.e. zebra, football, rain, broccoli...).  Any other theme ideas?

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