October 28, 2009

Free Photo Prints

I never pay much for photo prints because I either take advantage of special offers via email or sign up with a new print provider that is offering free prints.  You must be a new customer/have a new account to take advantage of these offers.  I compiled a list of current free print offers to new customers.  I have not personally used all of the ones below (though I plan to).  You may have to pay shipping charges with some of the providers, but check to see if there is an "in store pick-up" option or a coupon code for free shipping first to make it completely free.  These can change overnight (in fact two changed while working on the post!) so this list may not be accurate in a few days, but here's what I found today:

CVS 50 prints

See Here (Fuji Film) 100 prints

Snapfish 50 prints

Shutterfly 50 prints

York Photo 20 prints

Clark Colorlabs 20 prints

Artscow 1,200 prints (spread out over time)

FotoTime 50 prints

I couldn't find a current offer for Photoworks or Winkflash, but they have in the past. 

Have you had a particularly positive or negative experience with one of the above?  Do you know of any other current offers?

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