October 29, 2009

Jack-o-Lanterns Have Feelings Too...

Using some more pumpkin die-cuts, I decided to draw different facial expressions on each one.  We named each feeling and made a similar face to express it.  S really only knows sad, happy, and surprised and while he can make the face, I'm not so sure he understands what it really means yet.  This was a great activity to develop his emotional vocabulary though because feelings can be a difficult concept.  It's important to me that I give S words to use to express what he's feeling.  For older children, you could give them the name of the feeling and let them draw what they think it would look like. 

I also used my Kodak $15 gift code to make a Feelings photo book. Each page has a feeling under a photograph of S expressing that feeling.  It was a lot of work searching through our photos and trying to match up expressions with emotions, but I think it will be worth it.  I can't wait for it to arrive!

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