October 13, 2009

Die Cut Pop-Up Book

This morning I thought of another use for my extra die cuts.  You can make a pop-up book with anything though.  For those of you who have never made a simple pop-up book, I will attempt a tutorial below:

1.  Materials.  Scissors, glue, pop-up figures, paper (the number of pages you want plus one sheet for the cover).

2.  Fold all pages in half and cut two slits (about 1 1/2 in. apart) in from the crease in the middle of the page (unless you want your pop-up to be off center).  Note:  If you click on the photo above, you can enlarge it to see the slits.

3.  Fold the tabs inward.

4.  Place your pages inside your cover and glue the outsides of each page to the next page and to the front and back cover.

5.  Glue your pop-up figures to the front (not top) of each folded in tab.

6.  Add text if desired. 

You can make a pop-up book for anything (tell a story, use photographs, make a pop-up greeting card, teach a concept...).  You can also use more than one tab per page.  Just cut two slits per tab.  Enjoy!


  1. please, could you be any more creative? so cute!!!

  2. Thank you, but I didn't "invent" this. I just remember learning how at some point in my life.

  3. STILL. and i am totally ordering that train. sweet!

  4. I'm totally doing to do this for Reese - he loves pop up books.

    Oh, I will also be ordering the train. Looks like all of our little guys will have one in their stockings. :)