November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Megapost

I thought I would just list a bunch of Thanksgiving activity ideas since I'm behind on posts: 
  • Feather color matching:  See above photo.
  • Place setting vocabulary and matching:  I printed this place setting from Nick Jr. and placed it inside a clear sheet protector.  We have been naming and matching the parts of the place setting and we will use it as a placemat during Thanksgiving dinner. 
  • Food photographs:  I have been cutting out photographs of traditional Thanksgiving foods from catalogs, ads, and foodie magazines and gluing them down on a paper plate to help S learn turkey, corn, sweet potatoes, squash, pie...
  • Thanksgiving coloring book:  I printed several Thanksgiving coloring pages from here, added a cover page and stapled them all together to make a Thanksgiving coloring book.  The original purpose was just to keep S busy, but it has been a good visual to learn Pilgrim, boat, turkey...
  • Painting with feathers:  Simply use feathers as your paintbrush.
  • Turkey hand prints:  An oldie, but goodie.
  • Corn sensory tub:  Be sure to use dried corn!  Add various containers, funnels, and scoops to the tub as well.
Thanks, Activity Mom and April Flowers!

Note:  I did end up getting my free contact solution.  Thanks, Christy!

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