November 22, 2009

CVS $10.84

Well $10.84 may not seem great, but I earned 14 ECBs and diapers cost money.  Though we are a Pampers family, I was sucked in by the Huggies deal.  Here's today's trip:

Huggies Jumbo pack diapers (x2)
$18.99 for 2 packs
- 4.00 (2 x $2.00 mailers)
= $14.99

Huggies Mega pack wipes
- 0.50 (mailer)
= $6.49 and earned 5 ECBs for spending $20 on Huggies

Clean and Clear Facewash (x3)
$5.49 each
- 2.00 (printable)
= $3.49 each and earned 5 ECBs for spending $15 on Clean and Clear

Used a $5 off $30 printable for taking a Medicare quiz

Used a "Earn 4 ECBs on $20" card found in the CVS Season to Save booklet at store

Used 14 ECBs 

Paid $5 on CVS $5 giftcard earned for free by purchasing a CVS eGift card at

Total OOP = $10.84 and earned 14 ECBs and an extra $1.25 for submitting a Caregiver's Marketplace form for the Huggies diapers

Note 1:  You can get FREE contact solution at CVS too this week, but my store was all out by the time I went this afternoon :(

Note 2:  Saving with Shellie has CVS Black Friday deals posted.

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