November 11, 2009

Target $0

I am a little disappointed in my Target trip this week.  Target had some really great deals this week, but one of two things kept happening to me.  Either the coupon was regional and my coupon inserts didn't have the coupon or I had the coupon, but my Target was out of stock.  Anyway, I guess I can't complain about getting Hefty storage bags and Always pads for free!

Hefty One Zip storage bags
$0.97 (17 ct. gallon bags on price cut)
- 1.00 (11/1 RP;  Note:  I had 50 cent ones in 2 of my inserts and a $1 in the 3rd insert.  Go figure.)
= free

Always Infinity pads (18 ct or less)
- 3.99 (FREE box mailer coupon from Being Girl sample)
= free

Total OOP = $0

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