November 12, 2009

Book Exchange and 30% off Borders

A friend of mine sent me a children's "book exchange" letter (AKA chain letter) about a month ago and since I am such a rule follower, I couldn't break it.  While I may not have received the 36 books that I was suppose to, it was worth partaking for these five wonderful books! 

One even sent an additional Border's gift card!  The timing couldn't have been better because Border's has a 30% off one item coupon (exp. 11/16).  You need to become a Rewards Member (it's free to sign up) before you use the coupon though. 

S and I went today to get him a book for under the tree with our 30% off and gift card combo and I was surprised by Border's vast toy selection.  They have lots of Melissa and Doug, Lauri, and Alex toys.  So you could also use your 30% off coupon on a Christmas gift for your little one(s). 

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