November 21, 2009

S's Christmas Wish List

This may be odd, but I thought if I shared S's Christmas list you may get some ideas for your little ones:
Note:  This is a very long list.  I do not plan for S to receive all of the above!

If you have any great ideas you would like to share, please leave a comment (not that this list needs to get any longer).


  1. My little guy's list has many of the same items on it! He loves his latches board.

    You probably have already seen this, but I was tickled to find cardboard block kits in Target's dollar bins (8 blocks for $2.50). It's perfect for us because we have limited space. I just bought a couple, which should be plenty for now.

  2. I hadn't seen those (most likely because I skip over the $2.50 items too quickly)! I will have to take a look next Target trip. Thanks!

  3. My daughter recieved that leapfrog alpha set around your daughters age, and she still loves it at 3 1/2... well worth it :)

    this year santa is bringing her the leapster... since she likes to steal my laptop and play all the educational games on lol