September 24, 2009

Fall Cleaning

One of my two "fall resolutions" (I'll blog about the other soon) is to do a better job of staying on top of cleaning.  I keep an organized and tidy house, but it is hard for me to find time to clean.  S is a light/short napper and I always seem to make too much noise when cleaning.  And when he's awake I find it hard to occupy him while I am cleaning. 

So I bought him this cleaning set for him to "help me" when I clean.  It's pretty cheap and plasticky and I would prefer a nicer one, but it was $2 at Tuesday Morning.  As a side note, I recommend Tueday Morning for saving money on toys.  Some visits are a bust, but at times you can find great quality toys for half the price.  I put the set in a caddy so that he could tote it around and the pieces would remain together when stored.  After I bought the set, I thought you could easily make your own with things you may already have: a clean spray bottle, sponge, rag... 

Also, S loves to push around our big broom.  I was going to buy him a child-sized one, but I found a Swiffer with one or two less handle extensions works just as well and it actually cleans the floor! 

Last, this or any other push toy works well in our house as a vacuum cleaner if you don't have a toy one.  Perhaps I should go clean instead of spending time blogging...

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