September 9, 2009

Sequential Awareness

To provide S with a predictable environment and to develop sequential awareness, I made these cards about a month ago with stock images from the internet, backed them with construction paper, laminated them, and put magnetic strips on the back.  My original plan for them was to put our "schedule" up for the day, but I quickly realized that was very overwhelming for a 15 month old (not to mention how unsightly it was on our fridge), so each time S is eating in his highchair I put up what we are doing and what is coming next in our day; no more than 2-4 events.  He took to it more quickly than I thought and can now tell you the name of each thing we are going to do.  I also made ones for breakfast, dinner, playgroup, library, shopping, walk the dog, and bedtime, but realized I forgot several other reoccurring events (like visiting grandparents). 

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