September 23, 2009

Sensory Table

Here is an inexpensive way to create a sensory table (aka sand/water table).  I purchased an under-the-bed storage box and put it on a bench on our deck.  It's cheap and comes with a cover to keep out the critters.  It's a little high for S right now, so I think I will move it to the ground for now.  We also have more exciting sand "toys" (funnel, strainer, cups...) since this photo was taken.  In addition to sand or water, you can also use rice, beans, corn, styrofoam peanuts, gravel, large iceblocks with small toys frozen inside, soapy water and small dishes to "wash", leaves with plastic bugs, sand with plastic dinosaurs, soil, sod, shaving cream, hay, shredded paper, cotton balls...In fact, after making this list, I think I need to go buy another one for indoors.

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