February 7, 2010

Our First Experiment

I have been meaning to incorporate more science into our activities, so when I ran across this on several blogs, I wanted to try it with S.  I had made these "hot" and "cold" laminated cards when S was about a year old to teach him the difference, but I brought them back out for this activity as a visual.  We filled an ice cube tray with water and food coloring drops (red for Valentine's).  When the water had frozen, I filled a bowl with hot (very warm) water and one with cold water and placed a few ice cubes into each.  S liked to explore the different water temperatures and we talked about how the cubes in the hot water were "small" and the cubes in the cold water stayed "big".  This was also a good activity to introduce the word "melt", which I'm not sure I've really used with S.  Our fun ended when he turned one of the bowls over, but he enjoyed it so much that I think we will do it again to reinforce the concepts. 

Thanks, April Flowers!

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