February 2, 2010

Alphabet Chart

S has become fascinated with letter identification in last few weeks.  Today we made an alphabet chart out of a file folder with the tab end cut off.  I put sticky sided magnets on the back so that it can hang on the fridge.  I wrote the lowercase alphabet on it and made a "sticker" for each letter (name badges cut in half).  When S can identify and name a letter, I will place a sticker over that letter.  He was so proud today when we covered the letters he has learned.  I do not think we will use the chart for much direct learning though because I don't want him to just memorize the placement/handwriting on the chart.  So far he has learned most of his letters through letter magnets, Leapfrog Fridge Phonics and Letter Factory DVD*, this classroom alphabet, dot letters, and letter matching.  If he enjoys this chart, I will make more (uppercase, numbers, letter sounds, skills). 

*Note: While I love these products because S can already name several letter sounds from playing with Fridge Phonics and watching the Letter Factory DVD, I do have some complaints about them.  The video only identifies one sound per letter and I would prefer they teach all sounds a letter can make (ex. hard c and soft c).  I also have issues with the pronunciation of some of the letter sounds (ex. L does not say "ul").  The Letter Factory video does provide a wonderful visual for remembering letter sounds, however. 

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