February 8, 2010

Toddler Math: Introduction (Part 1 of 7)

I realized the other day that S's early literacy skills are developing very rapidly and that I don't plan as much with him in the area of math.  This is ironic because I myself am a "math person".  In fact, the part-time job I recently took is as a Math Specialist at an elementary school.  So I asked myself why this was the case and realized there is so much more to math than being able to perform operations.  I also realized that we do more math than I had originally thought simply through play.  After these realizations I decided to break down the components of math for myself and take a look at each one to evaluate how I could develop early math skills in these areas with S.  From all of this I am starting a new series of posts titled "Toddler Math." 

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics breaks math into six standards:
I plan to continue this series by writing a post about each of the six standards.  In each post, I will share four components:
  • Concepts and Vocabulary
  • Educational Products, Toys, and Manipulatives
  • Activity Ideas
  • Children's Literature Connections
My goal at home is to have S engaged in an activity a few minutes a day that addresses a standard each day of the week  (ex. Monday-Number and Operations, Tuesday-Algebra...).  There are six standards, but Process Standards will be integrated throughout all of the above standards (more on that to come).  I hope you enjoy following along.

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