December 8, 2009

Christmas Bugs

Our December theme is "Bugs" though it is predictably getting lost in the holiday shuffle, so I combined the two today with an activity.  We decorated a Christmas Tree with "bug ornaments" (tiny dot stickers with various insects).  My goal is for S to learn spider, butterfly, bee, ladybug, worm, grasshopper, and ant; most of which he already knows. 

While we were working on the tree, it reminded me of The 12 Bugs of Christmas, which I plan to get a copy of because S is really into "counting" and it ties together bugs and Christmas. 

If you have any bug activity/art ideas or book suggestions, please let me know in the comments. 

1 comment:

  1. Discovery Toys has a great bug activity called "Busy Bugs" where there are rubber insects (spider, grasshopper, fly, catepillar,and one other that I can't think of at the moment) and they are in various colors (red, blue, green, orange and purple) and there are organization/pattern sheets that you use to match the bugs up to their correct color, or as the child gets order they can use the harder sheets which ask them to recognize patterns. My two year old LOVES playing with it!! It says it's for 3+ year olds but I would definitely say that my daughter has been playing with it since around 18 months.