January 16, 2011

I'm (maybe) back!

No commitment or promise.  Let's just see how this goes.  It's been almost a YEAR since I went "on hiatus" and while we have been busy the past year, I'll just catch you up to what we've been up to in the past WEEK...

I is for Igloo.  Since the start of the school year, we've been working on a letter each week...or two weeks...or four when a new baby is born :)  My mom got us the cardboard letters from Lakeshore (can't find an online link), but you could easily cut your own out.  After S paints them we cover them in stickers that begin with that letter.  S looks forward to this each week and wants to race through the whole alphabet.  After we finish these, I plan to do these cute alphabet animals, but wanted to wait until S's cutting skills were stronger for these. 

This past week, we were on "I" (Does anybody else get frustrated with the whole uppercase I that looks like a lowercase l thing?) and since we are also learning about ice, snow, igloos, penguins, polar bears, etc, we made this igloo from a styrofoam bowl and "iceblock" Avery labels.  We also used some packing peanuts as snow.  I plan to add penguin and polar bear figurines to our little play scene. 

We've also been reading two bible stories each week.  When we got this bible, I went through the table of contents and marked which months we would read certain stories, using Easter and Christmas as guides which puts us towards the beginning of the Old Testament right now reading "Miracles of Jesus" stories.  I haven't gotten very creative with these yet, but S is enjoying these coloring pages for each story (the second page of each link). 

Letter Matching.  S has enjoyed matching upper case letters with lower case letters.  We use Fridge Phonics letters and an alphabet chart I made awhile back.  We are also enjoying using these alphabet blocks to match letters on an ABC poster from Dollar Tree. 

I'll stop there for now.  We'll call this a trial period...

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