January 9, 2010

Foam Sticker Sorting

This month we are learning about pets and since S has done such a great job with matching, I thought I would try sorting with him.  I found these foam stickers in the dollar bin at Target and placed one of each animal on a cup.  Then he can sort them by animal into the correct cup.  I used all blue stickers on the cup so that he wouldn't think it was color sorting and I only began with two cups when I introduced the activity (the fish and dog since they look very different).  I am keeping the activity on one of my new Oriental Trading Company trays so that S has access to the activity.  (Note:  These trays are so great for art/crafting, food, learning, playdough, setting up activities...)

I plan to follow the below progression with S to support early math concepts, but I came up with this on my own, so if anyone has a different suggestion or addition, please feel free to comment: 
  • matching
  • sorting
  • sequencing (size)
  • patterns
The stickers were also great for fine motor practice (peeling and sticking).   

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